A Pre-Paris Climate Timeline

February 11, 2015

Joanna Dafoe

by guest author Joanna Dafoe, Yale F&ES ‘14, Yale Law School ‘17

This morning Christiana Figueres briefed civil society on how to successfully approach the Paris climate conference (COP 21).

Instead of listing all of the plans within the UNFCCC to prepare for Paris—of which there are many— she reminded civil society of the need for dynamic action across all sectors and UN bodies.
The momentum generated by parallel processes, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, is necessary for a successful outcome in Paris.
To this end, I have put together a timeline of select events taking place in the lead-up to Paris. The purpose of this timeline is to illustrate the dynamic political opportunity we have to raise ambition at COP 21.
These events are compiled from the calendars maintained by the International Institute for Sustainable Development Reporting Servicesand RTCC.