Global Climate Governance

While the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement has been heralded as a breakthrough, even its most ardent champions recognize that it does not guarantee movement toward a clean   energy future. YCELP works to ensure the implementation of the Paris Agreement through innovative research and collaborative efforts.

Given the recent shift in U.S. policy regarding the Paris Accords, it is clear that the world community needs a new climate strategy. Setting goals is a start, but this top-down approach has failed to produce significant on-the-ground changes in behavior. Instead, the Center looks to demonstrate how state, city, and business leaders are stepping in to confront the challenges of climate change. We believe that with the changes in U.S. leadership, there is a clear opportunity for subnational governments and business to step forward and lead these “bottom-up” strategies and have the potential to deliver transformative change across the U.S. and the world.


Bottom-Up Climate Fix
New York Times
Daniel C. Esty