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DASH: Data to Accelerate Sustainability Hub

It is critical for those confronting sustainability crises to easily access a broad range of sustainability data.  However, it’s often difficult to find the data needed, and incentives are skewed towards hoarding rather than sharing data in the first place. An informal questionnaire of 14 sustainability researchers found they all think improving data sharing is very important.

Data to Accelerate Sustainability Hub (DASH) is an ambitious proposal. It features an interactive website to make finding sustainability data & models easier, as well as incentive data sharing.  DASH will confront the challenges to data finding & sharing by learning what’s really happening from sustainability researchers themselves. If successful, DASH could help accelerate progress on many sustainability fronts!

Seeking two Research Assistants (RAs) with an interest in improving sustainability data.  The first phase during Spring ’22 will involve: a) creating a Proof of Concept website and b) formally surveying sustainability researchers to understand how things can be done better and writing journal article. Applicants must be current Yale students. 

Desired skillsets / experience (or a willingness to rapidly & proactively learn):

  1. Experience creating websites, databases, or data catalogs
  2. Experience in creating surveys, interpreting survey data, writing journal articles

Interested applicants can apply directly to Reed Miller (

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