Jobs at YCELP


Fall 2022 Yale student research assistantship (RA) positions with YCELP

YCELP has several RA positions available this Fall 2022 for students! YCELP RAs are asked to work 5-10 hours per week throughout the semester.

If interested, please send a CV and description of your interest in a particular project to Dr. Reed Miller,

Journal Articles for Global Commons Stewardship Index 2022

For the Global Commons Stewardship Index 2022 edition, we have developed several new metrics of impacts embodied in trade.  We are looking for RAs to support the following projects:

The task this Fall is to select an appropriate journal and draft compelling manuscripts describing the importance of these metrics, the methodological innovations, and illustrating the results.  RAs that contribute significantly to the drafting of a manuscript will be listed as a co-author on the journal publication.   

Job Requirements: Written scientific communication, ability to set timeline and meet milestones. Preferred but not required: Subject matter knowledge   

Compiling Sustainability Dataset Attributes

Due to sustainability data being siloed and the lack of incentives for structured data sharing, it is often difficult and time consuming to locate needed datasets.  Fast access to quality sustainability-related data is critical to inform decision making to safeguard our planet and its people. This fall, the Data to Accelerate Sustainability Hub (DASH) RA team will focus on compiling the attributes of timeseries sustainability datasets at the national level.  When loaded into a database platform, this will enable users to ‘search within the data’. 

There are 4 positions available.  DASH RAs will work as a team, with one RA appointed as team leader.

Job Requirements: Some familiarity with R code (and willingness to learn). 
Preferred by not required: familiarity with relational databases (SQL etc.)