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New 2016 EPI Report

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) has released its 2016 report which ranks how well countries perform on high-priority environmental issues. Explore the new report here.

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December 14, 2015
By Whitney Johnson, F&ES ‘16 In the final negotiations leading up to COP21, parties performed a rare feat: they agreed (at least on something). In Bonn this June,...
December 11, 2015
This blog was originally published on the Huffington Post on December 10, 2015. By Daniel C. Esty Negotiators from around the world are gathered in Paris with hopes of...
December 10, 2015
This blog was originally published on the C40 Blog on December 10, 2015. By Dena Adler, Joint Student at Yale Law School and Yale School of Forestry & Environmental...