Projects: Our Focus Areas

The Center seeks to be a thought leader, a reliable source of policy analysis, a dialogue convener, and a catalyst for a sustainable global future. Our work is diverse in scale and scope, but we are committed to advancing environmental decision-making across the following key focal areas:

Regulatory Reform

Environmental protection and energy policies need to be updated to meet the needs of the 21st Century. YCELP is helping to advance a sustainability agenda by focusing on new regulatory tools and strategies, including market mechanisms, economic incentives, Big Data analytics, information disclosure, policies that spur innovation, finance for clean energy and environmental investments, and the changing roles of business and government.

Climate Change Policy

While the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement has been heralded as a breakthrough, even its most ardent champions recognize that it does not guarantee movement toward a clean energy future. YCELP works to ensure the implementation of the Paris Agreement through innovative research and collaborative efforts.

Corporate Sustainability

Working closely with the Yale School of Management, YCELP continues to focus on the critical role played by the corporate sector in advancing sustainability, including a new focus on sustainability metrics for investors.

Environmental Performance Management

Data-driven policymaking is a longstanding and gore focus area for YCELP. Better data and analysis offer a pathway to improved energy and environmental decision making in both the public and private sectors and from local to global scales.