Values at Work: Sustainable Investing and ESG Reporting

Sustainable investing is a rapidly growing and evolving field. With investors expressing ever greater interest in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics and reporting, companies face a sustainability imperative and the need to remake their business models to respond to an array of pressing issues including climate change, air and water pollution, racial justice, workplace diversity, economic inequality, privacy, corporate integrity, and good governance. From equities to fixed income and from private equity to impact-investing, investors of all kinds now want to understand which companies will be marketplace leaders in a business future redefined by sustainability.

In an effort to better understand the current status and movement of this dynamic field and to provide a practical reference for the growing pool of investors, financial advisors, companies, and academics seeking information on sustainable investing and ESG reporting, this edited book covers the latest trends, tools, and thinking. Readers of the book will be better able to identify and address the hurdles to moving mainstream capital toward more sustainable companies, investments, and projects.

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linked below are abstracts for each chapter of the book. 


Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1 – Sustainable Investing at a Turning Point
Daniel C. Esty and Todd Cort 

Part II: Measuring Environmental and Social Impacts

Chapter 2 – Evolution of ESG Reporting Frameworks
Satyajit Bose

Chapter 3 – ESG Risk Depends on Management Control Quality
Todd Cort

Chapter 7 – Toward a Next Generation of Corporate Sustainability Metrics
Daniel C. Esty and David A. Lubin

Part III: ESG Financial Products

Chapter 8 – Financing the Transition to Green Infrastructure
Ella Warshauer and Cary Krosinsky

Chapter 9 – Private Equity and ESG Investing
Christina Alfonso-Ercan

Chapter 10 – Avoiding the Tragedy of the Horizon: Portfolio Design for Climate Change-Related Risk Management and the Low-Carbon Energy Transition
Jennifer Bender, Todd Arthur Bridges, Kushal Shah, and Alison Weiner

Part IV: Regulations, Liability, and Fiduciary Duty of ESG Disclosure

Chapter 11 – Recent Developments in ESG Reporting
Paul A. Davies, Paul M. Dudek, and Kristina S. Wyatt

Chapter 12 – Reasonable Investors’ Growing Awareness of Climate Risk and Its Impact on U.S. Corporate Disclosure Law
Hana V. Vizcarra

Chapter 13 – Can Investors Rely on Corporate Sustainability Commitments?
Diane Strauss and Aisha I. Saad

Chapter 14 – Financial Regulations and ESG Investing: Looking Back and Forward
Michael Eckhart