Lise Strickler

Lise Strickler is a co-founder of the Three Cairns Group, a social impact firm engaged in addressing the climate crisis through philanthropy, public policy advocacy and venture investing. Three Cairns Group also focuses on ensuring equitable access to education, mental health services and career development. Lise is a trustee of the Environmental Defense Fund and co-chairs EDF’s 501(c)(4), the Environmental Defense Action Fund. In addition, she serves on the Columbia Climate Board of Advisors Executive Committee, the advisory board of the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise at Columbia Business School. Lise co-chaired the Yale Development Council from 2013-2020 and served on President Salovey’s campaign Task Force in in 2019. An avid hiker, she is an advisory board member of the Adirondack Trail Improvement Society.

Lise graduated from Yale College with a degree in English and earned an MBA from Columbia Business School. Early in her career, she worked in Investor Relations for Tri-Star and Columbia Pictures and as an executive consultant for the Sony Pictures New Technology Group. Lise and her husband Mark Gallogly live in New York City.