Latin American Corporate Sustainability Analysis Project

 LACSA Workshop Attendees, May 2016

YCELP’s recently launched corporate sustainability initiative, the Latin American Corporate Sustainability Analysis (LACSA) project, aims to fill a gap in knowledge about corporate sustainability in the developing world with a detailed set of case studies that explore corporate sustainability efforts in prominent Latin American companies. Students and professors working together in collaborative teams at Yale and at partner schools (including the EGADE business school in Mexico City and the INCAE business school in Costa Rica) are developing the case study content.  The initial analyses were shared and refined at a workshop in April, and ultimately, will be published in a book and as scholarly articles.

Dan Esty recently visited a cutting-edge renewable energy project in Aguascalientes, Mexico where a landfill biogas generation facility supplies electricity to a Nissan car factory. The visit was part of Professor Esty and YCELP’s ongoing corporate sustainability research efforts. The project offers further evidence of the vitality of greenhouse gas mitigation efforts being undertaken at the state/local level.

Dan Esty with officials from Ener-G, Nissan, EGADE Business School in Mexico City, and the Environment Minister of Aguascalientes.