Cristina Gabetti

American roots, Italian upbringing, Cristina is a journalist, writer, moderator, speaker, coach and sustainability advisor. Based in Milan, Italy, the seeds of her commitment to research and promote sustainable solutions are rooted in motherhood. When her first child was born she began investigating the impact of our lifestyles on society and the environment.

Caught in the gap between what we know and how we live, she chose to personally experience the challenges and opportunities of living sustainably. In 2008 she shared the experience in her first book, Tentativi di Eco Condotta (Rizzoli), and the success of the publication brought her back on Italian national TV, where she had been an entertainment reporter in the Nineties. Her weekly segment, still on air, explores the synergies between ecology and technology, showcasing solutions to our grand challenges for the audience of the popular satirical news program Striscia la notizia.

In 2009 Cristina published Occhio allo Spreco (Rizzoli) on how to reduce waste in our daily lives, followed in 2011 by A Passo Leggero (Bompiani), about the science and experience of empathy, and Tondo Come il Mondo (Librì Progetti Educativi), for elementary school children, now in its tenth edition. Cristina has written for Corriere della Sera and national periodicals. Live, Cristina connects international experts at global events, to discuss complexities and achievements of sustainable development. As a consultant and coach, Cristina advises businesses and communities on the implementation and communication of sustainable practices. Her website is

Cristina is a graduate of Yale College (Sy ’84) and is vice-president of the Yale Club of Italy.