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Research Grants

Details about the 2013 research prize are forthcoming. Please check back later, or contact Susanne Stahl at susanne.stahl@yale.edu, for more information.

Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy Student Research Prize
Call for Proposals
(Submission Deadline - March 2, 2012)

The Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy, which has as its mission to advance cutting edge environmental thinking and rigorous policy analysis, is pleased to announce a new research prize competition to fund innovative student research in environmental policy. This competition will award up to two $7,500 prizes to two students – graduate or doctoral – at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies for proposals that offer the most promising combination of original research and potential environmental policy impact.

Ideally, applicants will seek to align their research topics with the Center’s primary research lines in environmental law and governance, environmental performance measurement, and environmental innovation (see the Center’s website for more information on its current research agenda, http://envirocenter.yale.edu/programs). All proposals will receive strong consideration, however, regardless of the specific substantive focus. The originality, analytical soundness, and policy significance of the proposed research will be the most important evaluative criteria.

Application Requirements

All applicants must submit the following information to be considered for the YCELP Research Prize:

(1) A research proposal of no more than 5 pages (single spaced, 12 pt font) with a narrative that includes the following:

• A clear statement of the research question to be addressed;
• A brief review of the relevant literature;
• A description of the proposal’s research methodology and anticipated data sources;
• An explanation of the scholarly significance and policy impact of the proposed research and its potential findings;
• A brief timeline of the proposed project and its anticipated completion date; and
• A bibliography.

(2) The applicant’s résumé, anticipated graduation date from F&ES, and faculty advisor
information and contact details.

(3) A budget for the proposed research project.


Applicants for the YCELP Research Prize must be current and returning students at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.


Each Research Prize will provide up to $7,500 in funding for a student research project. The funding will be unrestricted, but must be spent in accordance with the submitted project budget. Funds may be used for travel, equipment, supplies, or other needs related to the project. Any unused funds will be returned to the Yale Center For Environmental Law & Policy.

Proposal Deadline

Proposals for the YCELP Research Prize should be submitted by March 2, 2012. Applications must be e-mailed in pdf format to the Center’s Program Manager, Ysella Yoder, ysella.yoder@yale.edu, by the stated deadline. Please contact Mrs. Yoder if you have any questions at all regarding the submission of your proposal.

Reporting Requirements

Prize winners will be required to submit a brief (1-2 page) progress report midway through the award period with a final report due after completion of the proposed research. By applying, prize winners agree to allow the Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy to use application materials and research updates for outreach and communications purposes, including, but not limited to, inclusion on the website, newsletter, and social networking venues.

Award Announcement

The Center will evaluate the applications and make award decisions by March 21, 2012.

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